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By popular demand due to the success of our Go-Kart Build video, Go-Kart Alley is now producing our own line of quality engineered vintage go-kart kits! This is where our Ingenuity paves the way for your own Action Adventures!

A go-kart is the simplest form of automotive art. But your go-kart should be more than just a frame with wheels and a motor that moves it; it should have style! Your go-kart should captivate your imagination with curves and lines that give it personality.

Each one of our Go-Kart Alley karts is different and unique in its own way, yours should be too. Our frames give you a baseline to build off of. And with our full line of custom parts from Go Power Sports, you can create your very own different and unique go-kart; A creation that reflects who you are. Something that will excite your imagination and give you endless hours of fun and experiences that will last a lifetime.


At Go-Kart Alley, we’re passionate about go-karts. With our Go-Kart Alley Kits, you will be too!




Go-Kart Alley Vintage Go-Kart Kits, sold and shipped exclusively through GoPowerSports.com

XL Vintage Go-Kart Kit

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Off-Road XL Vintage Go-Kart Kit


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All Go-Kart Alley Vintage Go-Kart Kits are factory jig welded in XL extended length


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