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about-kartOur passion for go-kart adventure goes way back…back to 1985! As early as third grade I had aspirations of having my own go-kart shop. I sent off for plans and even a home correspondence course in small engine repair (mostly for the free engine and tools.) I had big dreams and imaginations of adventures galore!

I didn’t take the course but the ideas never went away. In 1994 saw movie called The Sandlot that reminded me so much of my outcast friends growing up with the exception of one thing: We hated sports! We were the gearheads. But that movie was well done still reignited imaginations from wonderful period of own childhood. And so, I began to envision how movie about us might have looked.

Our sandlot would rundown old shed with in junkyard nearby. Our sport: building go-karts that would take us adventures all over while helping friends out of “pickle.” The old dream was alive and well and started to write.

It wasn’t until 2001 that I finally finished my manuscript of Go-Kart Alley. But when it was done, I realized there were many more stories to tell! And rather than just tell you the action, I wanted to show you the action! That’s when I began writing a TV series based on the book and inspired by the TV shows we watched growing up.

Now, my dream of Go-Kart Alley has become entirely new reality. My son has grown up to become the main character and my right hand man. Together in videos show you our worlds both fantasy and real. We show you how to build go-karts from our quality kits and show you our world of imagination, in hopes that might inspire your own adventures.

Go-Kart Alley is truly the place where action adventure meets ingenuity!

Dennis R. Van Vleet
Author – Director

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