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Go-Kart Alley is a book about two young brothers, Jess and Brian McCormick, who run their own go-kart shop during the 1980s.  What began as just way have fun and expand their summer territory gives a whole countryside go-kart fever!  Their hobby quickly becomes a business where the bothers work hard to overcome adversity but still find time to have fun with friends and lots of high octane adventures!

The book is loosely based on these author Dennis Van Vleet’s childhood go-karting days. At a swap meet in 2001, he saw a go-kart identical to one his buddy had back in day. A flood of old memories returned to him bought the kart, took it home and began writing Go-Kart Alley.

Now you can share in the adventure by reading this action packed book but the fun doesn’t stop there!  When it was finished, he realized there were many more stories yet to tell. Look for even more Go-Kart Alley books to come in a series that tells these stories from somewhere in the second act of the first book.

With the loss of railroad, their small town has forever changed. The two-lane hiking trail in place connects two large cities and brings influx new characters, situations and adversities. Jess, Brian and friends must overcome a adversities while learning to live with the characters, both good and bad. They learn from one another while shaping their community in become.

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