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Go-Kart Alley is an action/adventure websCrash Slateeries based on the book but instead of telling, we show you the action! Set in the 1980s, Go-Kart Alley takes a lot of pop culture cues from the era with flashy vehicles, gratuitous chase scenes, over-the-top bad guys, likable adversaries, good ol’ boys, cute girls, righting wrongs, and a strong sense of community.  Go-Kart Alley shows you what kids in the 80s with unfettered access to go-karts would do: drive fast, have fun and help people!

Jess and Brian run Go-Kart Alley, a “kustom kart shop,” out of their backyard tool shed.  There, along an old rail corridor, they build, repair, buy, sell and trade go-karts with all the local kids…but not the yuppies.  Each episode begins with a hook that draws you in, to see how new adversity will find its way into the bustling shop, or the boys on a fun outing and how they will deal with always being outgunned.  Each episode also finds the boys in a different plotline, with Jess riding a different go-kart that is subconsciously reminiscent of their on screen counterparts.  A wrong is always righted, a good piece of advice always given by a respected elder, a lesson always learned; sometimes there’s an old fashioned fist fight, but there is always a build sequence, and ALWAYS a go-kart chase.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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